Sep 16, 2012

Kareena Kapoor becomes Sexiest Woman by Maxim Magazine

Kareena Kapoor was become sexiest woman in the world now.
She was on cover page of the Maxim Magazine.
Maxim Magazine had conducted one survey and bebo becomes hottest woman in the world.

She was also elected as a Sexiest woman of the Asia last year. and now kareena becomes happy by heard this surprising news. Saif may be a lucky one who married with a sexiest woman of the world in next month.

She said that she feel and shy and proud of her that she got a title of sexiest girl of the world.
She said about her next movie "Heroine" that she had played bravest role in that movie.

Saif Ali Khan -Kareena Kapoor Wedding Planning starting and cards are distributed .
Saif - Kareena marriage will held on 16th October.

Priyanka Chopra and Brad Pitt also wishes them a happy married life.

1 comment:

  1. We fans were under the impression that Kareena is an independent and self respecting person. One cannot understand the compulsion under which she has decided to give up her individuality and religion to convert to another faith just because she is marrying a Half Hindu Half Muslim. Shows the shallowness of her faith in her own religion and her upbringing. Maybe it is also the influence of the Bollywood culture which does not have any particular leanings towards any religion.


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