Apr 26, 2014

Ranveer Singh Durex Condom ad

Ranveer Singh in Durex Hot Condom ad 
(you have great sex, you Do The Rex)

Here Hot Ranveer Singh get together with Durex to move like never before! 

LYRICS for #DoTheRex featuring Ranveer Singh 

Give it to me (4)
Uh huh uh huh uh huh .. Woo!
Oh My God!
Ahhh (Interlude)

(Screams for Ranveer)
This one is for all you lovers, all you lovers all over the world -- LOVERS

I love it ..this feeling,
It's crazy ye kya nasha hai , par
Zaalim zamana kahe,
Mohabbat ek saza hai !
(Uff) Baarish ko girne do,
Khud ko main rok na pata,(Uff)
Galiyon mein phirne do,
Haath mein leke khushiyon ka chaata!
I love it ..this feeling,
Crazy feeling's got me reeling,
I love it ..this feelin!.. Woo!


Wow that was good,(haina)
You blew me away (Uffo)
It was amazing (I know)
I feel great.....

You make me go..
Lovers all over the world, Let's Do The Rex

When you have Great Sex, you Do The Rex!

Iss taale ki chaabi ko tu jeb mein rakh,
Kyunki kya pata kab chamak jaye tera luck,
Jab you & me raazi, toh phir kya shaq,
Just give it to me baby, i don't give a flying ****!
I love it, this feelin',
Crazy feelings got me reeling
I love it, this feelin',
Eyes rolled back, toes curled to the ceiling!
Wow that was good,(Get it on)
You blew me away (Put it on)
It was amazing (Do The Rex)
I feel great.....
You make me go..


Lovers all over the world let's Do The Rex


Just do the funky thing

When you have Great Sex, you Do The Rex


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