Nov 22, 2011

Abhishek Bachchan helps Prachi Desai

On Twitter Abhishek Bachhan gets funny tweets from Prachi Desai's fake account.

So, Abhishek informed Prachi about this tweets but prachi refused that she had not open any account on twitter.She then even apologized, even though Abhishek said that it was OK and that she need not worry.

With the help of his friend by Abhishek, the offender’s fake account was finally taken down in a few days time.

Though Prachi is not on Twitter, she is planning to open an account soon just to prevent such impostors from using her name. She doesn’t plan to be on Twitter, but she thinks that nobody should turn an impostor and take advantage of the fact that she is not there to keep a check. The impostor had used her id to send messages to her colleagues and luckily it was Abhishek who helped her sort out the issue. Prachi dreads to think what else could have happened had it not been for Abhishek helping her out.

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